Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guess what?!

I have known this for a little while, but didn't want to share the news until it was a 'for sure'....but I'm going to be filling a Reading Specialist position next year! I'm so excited!!! It will be at a different school than where I teach now, but it is a small school within our county system. The only 'bad' part is that our boys will be on the opposite end of the county from us, as we're going to leave them at the school where Isaac attends (and I currently teach), and Adam has registered there. We want them to stay within our community, since Chris and I both will be likely to change schools over the years.

Other than that, and being nervous, and hating to leave the school where I've taught for 12 years, I'm psyched! I never imagined a year ago that I might be in such a position today! God has ordained this in such a powerful way....from the nudges to go talk to our Superintendent of Schools about starting the cohort, to funding coming through when I thought it wouldn't, to having a position open up so quickly...I know that this is His will and His plan, and that erases all doubt from my mind about me being able to do it!

Isaac, however, could use your prayers. He's struggling this evening with the idea. I know that he's going to be fine, but it is breaking my heart listening to him crying and so upset. His Daddy is in there talking to him now. So if you could lift us up in prayer concerning this, we'd certainly appreciate it!

I'll definitely keep you updated on this new adventure in my life!


Judy said...

CONGRATS! That is awesome! Isaac will do well - it will alllllllll be good! Very good!

Lisa B. said...

I'm very happy for you, but the selfish part of me is sad! I will miss seeing you every day, even if it is only for a few minutes! This was planned out perfectly, the Lord had this laid out for you long before you ever knew! Love ya!!