Saturday, November 10, 2007

And now, a word from our sponsors....

but really it is just from me! LOL

Thought I'd let ya'll know what little businesses I have going on the side in case you wanted to know and do some shoppin'! And cause I need money to do my Christmas shopping too, ya know!

I am an Avon representative, and you can visit my site here. I also rep for some lesser known companies that offer quality products: Open Door Decor & More is a newer company owned by two friends, and offers many decorative items, including some awesome things for Christmas! Visit here to see the things we offer! I also am a representative for a FANTASTIC place for handmade candles called Creative Scentsations! Check 'em out! Also if you will leave me a comment related to one of these companies and email me an order, I'll give you 10% off!!

Another neat venture that I am trying to get into is called Dine Without Whine. Now, I'll admit to ya, I'm not the cook in our household, but I am trying to help out more. And here you can get a menu for 5 main courses plus brunch on Sat. and Sun. and suggestions for other dishes emailed to you each week! It even comes with a shopping list! In order to get in on the low price of $4.95 a month, you need to act soon, as the price is going up on Nov. 15!

OK, I promise I won't bug ya over and over with this stuff, but I thought I'd at least plug for myself once!! I'd appreciate it if you would check them out! Thanks!! :D

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