Saturday, November 3, 2007

What a day....

It started out fairly nicely...dh let me sleep in, then I ate eggs and biscuits and gravy, and then went to Curves with my mom. I came back and dh decided (yes, with my help) to thin Isaac's hair. BIG big big big mistake! I thought that dh knew how to use the thinning shears, when he didn't, and he butchered his hair. It was horrible. Isaac had beautiful, thick, curly hair, and was growing it out longer. It broke my heart to see all those curls gone. There was much crying, yelling, cussing...and a trip to the beauty shop and his hair is much shorter, but looks better than when his daddy finished with it. Dh took him to McDonald's and bought him a movie to make it all better, but I still could cry looking at his head. Of course, I can't, cause Mama has to keep telling him that it looks fine and that it will grow. It WILL grow, but I just hate it, cause he really liked his hair the way it was!

Then tonight we had a fundraising dinner for our church building fund (we have already built the addition, but still gotta pay for it!)...a chef who is originally from the area and currently has two restaurants in Philly donated all meat and fixin's for the dinner. We are thinking we made around $10,000!! So praise the Lord for that one!! I sang a couple of songs, and could NOT hear myself at all, which was quite frustrating, but I got several compliments, so I must have done okay by the grace of God!

Oh, and Adam, the four year old, didn't nap today. Yeah. Lovely.

But I DID get today's blog in, so that is a big plus, right??!

I'm worn out. Off to bed now. Sweet dreams.

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