Saturday, May 3, 2008

The cat came about the other pets?

Would you like to know about them?

As I mentioned yesterday, I've had Francie since before I met Chris. Sally came along in the spring before we were married. Actually, we had another dog, Lucy, before that, but she was tragically run over in Chris' parents' driveway. So when we got home from that trip, we found Weimeraner mix puppies advertised on a local TV channel, and went to pick her out. She doesn't look like a Weimeraner at all....she's all black and has hazel eyes. She's 10 years old now, and likes to lay in her dog house! She's showing her age with some arthritis. She is SUCH a good dog!

Next to come along was Joe. My former neighbor was here to visit her parents one weekend when they found Joe at a local mill. She took him to the vet and basically was not going to leave town until she had a home for the cat! So we took him! But when we had Isaac, he decided that babies were too noisy and basically went to live with the neighbors....incidentally, not the same ones where Francie had gone this week! He will still come in the basement to sleep during the day and rarely comes in the house. Sometimes if we get home at an unexpected time he'll still be upstairs sleeping...but now that is even more rare since Gunnar is here!

Next to come along was Nixie! The parents of a former student raise Boxer pups, and had a runt of the litter that they weren't going to sell. So guess who got her?? She is very small for a Boxer! I had a Boxer growing up, and had always wanted another, so this was a dream come true for me. She has all the energy of a Boxer with the brains to match....she's a tad goofy! LOL

And last to come along was Gunnar. ANOTHER neighbor's daughter had gotten the cat for her son when they were getting ready to buy a house. Unfortunately, the house fell through, and she couldn't keep the cat at her apartment. So the S. family to the rescue! He's a lazy tom cat, and loves to stay in the house!

We also have various fish. We have some black skirts (not sure what the real name is, and I'm too lazy to ask Chris right now!) and we have 3 bettas: one here, one at Chris' school, and one in my classroom. I suppose they'll all be home for the summer soon!

So now you know all about the menagerie that we keep around here!

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