Sunday, May 11, 2008

My wonderful weekend

I'm thrilled to have a good one to write about! I got up at a decent hour (for once, I'm only a tad ashamed to admit!) and went to Wal-Mart to pick up presents for my mom and Chris' mom and a few other odd things. I had the boys with me, and I am PROUD to say that they kept up with me and didn't whine, and didn't even get upset when we didn't take the time to go look at toys! I did prepare them beforehand, but still....pretty impressed with how well they did!

We got home and all got ready to go, and we took the boys to the in-laws, who were in for the weekend. Then we went to see Keep on the Sunny Side at Barter Theatre! I've wanted to see this play since the first time it ran several years ago. It was well worth the wait! This play would be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, but people from Scott County can appreciate it so much more. Heck, they even had the accents down pat! And it was funny to listen to the other theater-goers try to get the family ties and history straight. This is something that Chris and I have grown up knowing, and honestly, not giving our attention. To see this and KNOW the places to which the actors referred, and to know other little inside scoops just from living here, was very nice.

I regret that I didn't make it to "The Fold" as it is called around here before Janette died. And I regret even more that I didn't get to see Johnny and June Carter Cash perform there. Mom and Dad went to the Fold one weekend because Dad had been asked to fill in on Sunday at the Carter family church. And it just so happened that it was the night of a surprise appearance by June and Johnny!

I ran into Janette one day in town. We were in the same antique shop, and I couldn't think of anything profound to say, so I just said, "I know who you are!" She smiled and introduced me to her companion, who just happened to be Tom T. Hall's wife!!

The only 'downer' of the weekend was that Isaac got sick with strep throat!

By the way! Robin...check out this page....recognize anyone?! Turns out that we attended college with one of the resident actors at Barter!

I did get some very nice Mother's Day gifts today. Isaac wrote an ABC book about me, which I will always treasure! Adam made me an apron, a card, several paper flowers, and a magnet! The fact that I got an apron is quite funny since I am NOT the cook around here, but hey--I wore it today to get his bologna and cheese sandwich, doesn't that count?!


Robin said...

Wow!! I don't think that even looks like her!!! I used to be so afraid of her. How funny!! Wonder how you get to acting from forensic science? I'm jealous you saw the play. I would love to see it. When are we getting together?

Lori said...

That does sound like a great weekend! My hubby and I are going to come see that play the play this summer some time.
My in-laws go to the "fold" on a regular basis and have begged us to go-we just haven't found the time.
Happy Mother's Day