Sunday, May 18, 2008

Know how God speaks to us through others when we need it most??

I haven't taken the time to visit Mel's World lately, but please, considering my last post, visit what she has to say today! It is mind boggling sometimes how God answers us through others and has them say exactly what we need to hear! I'm going to copy and paste (since we can't visit blogs at school) what she said and share it with several of my coworkers who also feel knocked down right now!!

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Powerful Word!!


Mel's World said...

Aww Christi...I just KNEW when I was writing it that it wasn't for me (although I am applying the same principles to my daily battles). He truly laid it right on my heart and said that it was for someone else.

To be quite honest it was the fastest devotional I have ever written...when I was done in 20 minutes I knew it was for an important person!

I am so honored and touched that it meant something to you!


Mel's World said...

Hey Christi...I just wanted to touch base with you to see how your day was today??!?