Friday, May 30, 2008

Tired, but its a good tired!

Yesterday was my last workday. And work I did! Except for a break here and there to go to lunch with my coworkers provided by our principal and to pick Isaac up from basketball camp, I was working from a little after 8 am until after 8 pm. But I was DONE when I got in the car to go home!! And so I wouldn't be too terribly happy and comfortable while packing up, the heat pump to my room decided to freeze up and then leak water into my closet. That made for fun times! And the only way to remedy the situation is to turn it off til someone can come look at it. By the time I realized it, everyone in the janitorial and maintenance realms were gone for the day, so I had no choice but to shut it off and open the two windows in the room that WILL open. That did help with a breeze, but at best, it was 79 degrees in there! GREAT times were had by Christi, let me just tell ya!

But it is DONE. I didn't have to go back today! Hoooooray!

On Wednesday night, Chris went and got a new dresser/cabinet thing and bookshelf for Isaac's room. So today was spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning out his room and putting it back together with the new furniture! Now, given the dust stirring of the past two days, my nose is so stuffed up it isn't even funny. And the antihistamines I'm taking to dry it up make my mouth super dry, and I'm super thirsty! I had to take a break in the middle of the day to go to see my nurse practitioner for a medicine check. I'm having some esophageal issues, so she's scheduling me for a barium swallow to see if I have to have my esophagus stretched. She also checked my thyroid levels again to make sure that wasn't causing the swallowing difficulties. We'll see what happens with those. Given Daddy's digestive issues all my life, I'd would say it would be the former, but given Mom's thyroid problems when she was younger, it is a good idea to keep a check on that too. So it is a toss-up! Take your pick! LOL

I really, really, really tried NOT to stress out about getting packed up and stuff at school. And I did a much better job at it than usual, I must say! But I still pushed myself pretty hard and have not been sleeping the best. Like last night: I had my nephews' baseball game on my mind all night. Tuesday night, I dreamed all night that next year's first graders were already at school on Wed. and wouldn't LEAVE so I could get packed and cleaned up! Neither of those make for the most restful sleep! This is where the fibro comes in and adds to the sleep and exhaustion issues. So I'm pretty spent tonight. However, it is a satisfied kind of tired. I find it reasonable that I am this tired, and feel it is justified. I'm not exhausted for no reason!

And that, my friends, is a good thing.

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