Friday, May 23, 2008

A hodgepodge

I couldn't decide what to write about so I'll just write it all.

First, I didn't get to watch Grey's Anatomy last night because I was watching my nephews kick some butt at a district championship baseball game. Till after 10. 30 minutes or so from home. With my two children and mom. So we were out late! But it was SOOOOOO worth it to get to see them play so well! Now I'm trying to convince their coach, who is one of our P.E. teachers, to talk our principal into letting me have educational leave for 1/2 the day on the last day of school so I can go watch 'em in the regional game! hee hee Aren't I awful?!

And what a Grey's it was! I sat here and cried, but it all came out all right. It was a healing cry. It was a stress relieving cry. I'm all good now! :D

Let's see...what else was there??! Oh yeah, don't whiners just get on your last nerve sometimes? Those people who constantly have the worst life ever? Can't be happy for ANYTHING, even if they have a good family, good job, roof over their head and their health? And they STILL find crises and tragedies to go on and on about? How about when they've done this the entire time you've known them---almost 5 years now?? Yeah. Gets on my nerves too. Had to get that out safely and without chewing someone out!

Chris irritated me tonight. I got over it, but how come sometimes men feel the need to keep irritating their children when they are already whiny?? Why do that? Why not just leave well enough alone? I just don't get the male logic on that one. I don't *think* that any men read my blog, but if ya do, please fill me in on this one, cause it has been a bone of contention for years now, and I'd really appreciate some insight!

OK, I think that is it. No, one more thing. Pack Rat on Facebook is evil. EVIL I tell you! It sucks you in and you become very addicted! Bad bad bad!!

Ok, that really is it! Good night!

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imbeingheldhostage said...

THIS is my kind of post.. it reads like my brain works. I LOVE Greys-- only, I just discovered it (I lived under a rock for the first 2/3rds of my life) and I think I am lost somewhere in season ... 2 maybe?
Thanks for your sweet comments on my playlist-- believe it or not, I work hard to correlate my tunes with posts (weird, I know), so I like that you liked it! And I'm one of those whiny people, but you came anyway! :-)