Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Not that I did anything related to it today, but hey....thought I'd share the wishes anyway!

I am in a list making mood. So here is a list of things that I did today:

Woke up around 6 when Adam padded in to get in bed with me.

Left the house around 7:10 to be at school at 7:15 for bus duty. Got there 6 minutes late.

Greeted students warmly until 8 am.

Taught school til 3:05, then tried to work on the project I have due tomorrow for my technology class til 3:25. Didn't get very far.

Went to a training on using PALS online from 3:30 til 4:40 or so. Shot the sh*t with coworkers til about 5.

Drove home, then walked to drugstore to pick up supplies for students' Mother's Day project.

Ate a yummy dinner prepared by my sweetie.

Surfed the 'net while watching the news with said sweetie.

Re-loaded my iPod, and on suggestion of the sweetie, took a walk BY MYSELF!

Got boys in the shower, then listened to I. read while A. played on computer.

Got A. to bed, including preparing clothes for him tomorrow, while I. played on computer.

Wrote a card to my friend who is in basic training in Oklahoma.

And then sat down to surf a little before going to bed. Have to be back at school for bus duty at 7:30, and will be in the building til class is over somewhere around 5:30-6. Then I will come home and eat, and I've GOT to go to Target to get some much needed stuff. Chris has a meeting at church at 7, so I'll have the boys with me on the trip to Target. Hopefully this won't mean a meltdown in the toy department!

Before I finish surfing, I also need to try to get an idea of some technological plans I can institute to help educate my first graders in the areas of reading, science, and mathematics tomorrow. Just cause I wanna use my SMARTboard!

So there you go. I feel productive today!

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