Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coincidental? I don't think so!

I have commented on my other blog that I have had numerous experiences related to the story of Moses lately. I have been doing a Bible study (taking longer than I should!) on Moses at The Preacher's Wife. I've read fictional accounts of Aaron, Miriam, and Zipporah. Right now, I'm reading a fictional story of Rahab, and that is related to Moses' story as well! Then this morning, Adam wants to read out of a little Bible storybook he has, and what does he turn to? The story of Moses! I think that God is speaking to me through this story right now....I'm not sure what the message is supposed to be yet, but I am trying to be open and listen! Oh, and for our Bible lesson today I pulled out the Prince of Egypt storybook, just to add it to the mix!

Ooh, ooh, I thought of another 'coincidence'! Know the blog I mentioned above where I was doing the Bible study? Come to find out that Lisa and I went to high school together! Her sister and I were in the same grade, and I actually had one class with Lisa my sophomore/her senior year! Small world, huh?! Another God thing!

In other news, I have an appointment today with a dermatologist and am praying with all that is in me that they can do something to help me! It (this rash) is really bringing me down. It is still spreading and now itches in multiple places so I can't get much relief from ice packs. So if you read this before 4, please pray that they can find something to help me!

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Tara said...

I hope your appointment went well!!!