Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little sad here...

Tonight was preschool open house. Adam is attending 3 mornings a week. Since it is at our church, where he also attends daycare, he just has to go next door, and then go back after preschool is over. It is a true blessing to have him there, as I had all sorts of troubles trying to get Isaac back and forth from the babysitter to preschool!

It hit me today that this will be my last preschool open house. This is my last year of preschool...the last parties, the last Preschool Sundays, the last graduation. And not only is it the last for me, it is the last for my entire mom helped found the preschool, and all of my sisters' kids (and a stepdaughter!) attended there as well. So this is the last of 10 children associated with the Copeland family to go through preschool there.

I know that it is just the beginning of many things, but I'm just a tad nostalgic and sad thinking about my baby growing up. I'm excited about it too, but just a little sad.

Mamas are allowed that, right??


Jennifer said...

Yep, sounds like it's time to have another! :o)

Judy said...

It is okay to be sad when things like this come up...especially as involved as your family has been with the preschool! Look at the bright side, though - less/no tuition next year!