Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random Thoughts from the Mind of Christi

First, I had neglected to tell you that I think I have figured ou the name of the strange rash. I believe it is Pityraisis Rosea. Click on those words to find out more about the loveliness that the rash is.

I talked to Chris' aunt who is a nurse at a dermatologist. She gave me some suggestions, but basically, this rash is getting worse. The steroid shot didn't keep it from spreading. It is now all over my belly and legs as well. So I'm calling their office on Monday in hopes that they can get me in and see if there is anything that can be done. This is miserable. Please pray that something can be done!

I am watching Turner and Hootch. I love this movie! I'm DVR-ing it too.

I am currently waiting for word back on whether or not I've been accepted into the Reading Specialist cohort.

I worked for a couple of hours at school on Wednesday. I basically got some things filed, arranged the room the way I want it, and unpacked a little bit.

We joined the masses of shoppers yesterday for tax-free shopping. We got some good deals. We got the boys' school supplies, some work shoes for Chris, and 2 blouses and a dress for me. So everyone came home happy!

OK, I think that is all that is running around in my head currently. I think I didn't eat enough before I took my last Benadryl, cause I'm sleepy! Everyone is quiet and happy for a while though, so I may give in to the sleepiness for a few.

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