Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sleep is my friend

And I'm feeling much better after getting some. Sleep that is! The only thing I want to say about the aforementioned situation is that this is something I've watched for 3 plus years thinking, "Surely not. It is gonna be found out. Surely they'll see." And 'they' haven't. But it is not my worry. I have done what I can, and she's far away from me now. God has watched over me and kept me from harm with this so far, and I know He will continue to do so. THANK YOU for your support and understanding.

NOW! To today! I don't really want to be awake at 5:57, but that is okay, there are worse things. We are taking the boys to see Clone Wars today! They are thrilled! Chris has read the reviews and thinks it isn't gonna be any good, but heck, I probably won't know if it is good or not! I'll be happy if I follow the story line and don't have to ask my 4 year old what is going on!

I need to work on laundry big time, and otherwise I am going to enjoy the heck out of being home and spending time with my boys.

Oh! I got an email from one of the professors in the Reading Specialist cohort, and I'm in!! Doing the happy dance with with some scared thrown in! We start on September 2nd, and hopefully will be in class each Tuesday. (Last year it was Wed., which wouldn't work as well for me, but if so, I'll definitely deal!) Robin, it was an email from 'ol Herb himself!

The professor who is teaching this semester's course is one I had many classes under in undergrad, so I feel a little better knowing how he works, somewhat. It will be lots of work, though!

Don't forget about Flashback Friday (scroll down to see it)! There's a contest in it for ya this week, too!


Robin said...

Wonder how many reading reflections you will have to do? Those were always so much fun to do when I hadn't read the assignment like I should have. Too bad you won't have Mia in class with you!! I think you'll enjoy it though. I'll have to get the scoop on the work situation. See you Thursday?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling rested and you enjoyed your movie.

Unknown said...

Sounds like some sleep was exactly what you needed and spending quality time with your family will be great too.