Monday, November 3, 2008

The fall festival, she is over!

Let's see....I left for work at 20 til 7 this morning. I came home for about an hour, and went back to work. Just got home again. LONG day, but it is OVER until next year!

And thankfully we have tomorrow off for election day! I 'just' need to clean the house and write 3 papers!

Let's see if that happens! HA!


Judy said...

A day off for the election would be VERY welcome right now!

Erin said...

How nice that you get election day off! That would've saved me a 5AM wakeup.

Robin said...

I hope you get all of your stuff done today!!

The NOssip said...

Whoa! That does sound like a long day! I hear you though! And isn't it funny how days "off" seem to be the busiest? Thanks for commenting on our blog!

Jess said...

Have a nice election "day off". Just hopping off with a handful of confetti comment lurv from SITS.
*sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle*.
You must get loads of readers from being the first person to comment on the post that SITS links to every time they post! You're so lucky!

Lynette said...

I wish we had days off for elections, but that isn't how it works here:(

And our fall festival was a few weeks back...thank goodness it was my last one:) HAHA