Saturday, November 15, 2008

My boys won their District playoff game!

That's Logan, #22, getting the tackle in the picture!!

They played like real winners!! The field was muddy, which made it even harder. We won 27-14, with PV getting their second touchdown with only seconds left in the game. The highlights for me were numerous: before the game started, all the senior lined up holding hands behind the captains mid-field during the coin toss. Not only was my nephew out there, but also two boys who were in my first group of first graders, and other boys I've watched grow up as they went to the school where I teach. I couldn't help tearing up!

Ked was 4 for 4 with his field goals, so that rocked, and Logan had several crucial tackles. One was near the end of the game when no one thought that the opponent running could be caught! Logan was unbelievably fast!! I'm so proud of my boys!

Chris has a cold so he and Adam didn't go to the game. I'm so glad that we won, cause I hated the thought of Chris missing Ked's last game. We play next Saturday! Go Big Blue!

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Zen Ventures said...

aw I bet that was so touching! I can just imagine how proud you were! :)