Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday--Supersonic

Ahhhh, high school days....I was a cheerleader....skinny....had great friends and guys I was talkin' to in Rossville, Kingsport, and Big Stone Gap....those were the days!

I was also dancing, and as cheerleaders, we danced as well. This was the beginning days of hip hop, when Salt N Pepa had just started, so had TLC and Queen Latifah. The Varsity Cheerleaders did a dance to this song (I was a B-Team Cheerleader) and I LOVED the song! We watched them practice the dance so often I probably, at the time, could have jumped up and done it with 'em!

So I present to you....Supersonic!

So what about you? What takes you back today? What songs are you listening to as you get your Christmas shopping done? Come share with us!

Starting next week, we'll play some holiday music for Flashback Friday....remember some of those songs that New Kids on the Block had on their Christmas album?!


Pamela Kramer said...

Awesome! What a great Flash Back. Mine was about comedy but I'm loving yours.

Judy said...

Great song, Christi!

Glad you survived Thanksgiving (I think!)...