Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not the greatest news today

My oldest nephew played the last game of his high school football career today. The boys lost to Lebanon and will not be traveling on further toward a state championship. They were all very sad and crying. I held it together just fine until I saw Ked...and to see this big 18 year old man crying like he did when he was so little, that I had to cry myself. Logan was all torn up as well, as were most of the seniors. It broke my heart to see their mamas trying to ease their hurt hearts like they used to fix their bumps and bruises.

And we also got bad news last night....Chris' aunt has breast cancer, on both sides. Apparently it is pretty bad, too, because they are giving her a Chemo port before even doing a Masectomy. Please, please pray for Kay and their entire family! Chris' Mamaw was very upset about it when we went up there last night.

So...not the most chipper and uplifting post today. Sorry about that.


Judy said...

Christi - Chris' aunt is in our prayers. Breast cancer research and treatment is changing at such a rapid pace; I hope they can work wonders with her.

It is so heartbreaking to have to sit on the sidelines and watch when our children (or even those we are simply close to) can't quite get to the goal they so desperately desire. The upshot, though, is that Thanksgiving should be a bit slower-paced for your family; perhaps they can enjoy the time they get to spend together (as I'm sure there would probably be some practicing going on had they won).

Robin said...

I felt so bad for the boys when I saw the news last night. I hate to hear that about Chris' aunt. I hope things go well for her.