Sunday, November 16, 2008

I just got to be part of something wonderful!!

I am part of a great group of women online at My Parent Connection (I've got a button below if you want to visit!) I have 'known' many of these women online for more than 5 years through different message boards. I've met a few in person, but even for the ones I haven't, I feel deep affection and friendship.

So we have this one friend I'll call Cathy. Cathy is a wonderful Christian lady and has been a friend to us all over the years. Lately she and her family have had a rough time of it financially. Even so, she has given God credit for them keeping it together and making it through. She has called upon Him and tried to have faith through everything.

Cathy LOVES Third Day. She is a huge fan and has seen them numerous times. (I even got to go to a concert with her!) So when she heard that they were going to be close by, it crushed her cause she knew that she wouldn't be able to go.

Here enters another friend who I'll call Tammy. She contacts Jennifer and asks if she can mail her a check to buy Cathy the tickets to go to the show. Jennifer and Tammy decide to make it a group effort and include Diane and me in the plans.

I just finished a Yahoo Instant Messenger conference with the girls, where we sent Cathy the internet link to how she can get her tickets. We went together and bought them for her. She was THRILLED! She kept saying that we were too much, and asked why we would do this....we did it because she loves us and would do anything for us, so we wanted to give to her. It feels wonderful to know that I have MADE someone's day, month, maybe even year!

If you don't know how good it feels to give something to someone who totally doesn't expect it, and to give it for no other reason than Just Because, then I suggest you find someone to shower with such love soon!

And if you read this, Cathy, Jennifer, Tammy, or Diane, I love you girls!!! How do ya like your pseudonyms?!

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Erin said...

How awesome! What a special treat.