Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving journey...and injuries!

Well, the day started off like most others that are not school days. The boys woke me up watching TV while waiting for the appointed hour when they can go play video games and/or computer games. So I dozed on and off and decided to get up and moving around 8. Chris actually slept in til almost 9, and then got up and started cooking. He fixed a squash dish, sweet potato fries, chocolate candy, and Wassail. I got the boys bathed and myself bathed, and we left for my sister Brenda's house around 12:15. We pulled in their driveway and started unloading the food. Isaac and Adam were in front of me and Chris, and one of their dogs was laying in front of the door we were headed towards. Chris has just started telling Isaac to get back, cause it was the dog that can be tempermental.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get the words out before Bugs started pretty much attacking Isaac's leg! Isaac was screaming and crying, and Chris came as fast as he could to get the dog off him, and I was banging on the kitchen window to get my brother-in-law or nephews out there. I got Isaac in the house and started getting cleaned up. He will probably be more sore tomorrow than he was today....he has a puncture wound, some bruising, and some scratches. He calmed down and started playing, and we had a nice time visiting with cousins and my brother-in-law's family, who are LIKE family to us.

Then about 5 or so, Chris started saying we needed to get ready to go to his aunt's house. We got the boys together, and were walking down the hill when who but super clutz (ME) fell flat on my behind in the mud! I'm sure I'm gonna have a good bruise on my rear, and I stove up my wrist and hand pretty good, too!

So we go to the house so I can change clothes and change the dressing on Isaac's bite. Then we headed to Uncle Kent and Aunt Dale's house. We got something to eat and visited a while there. Isaac and Adam had their shoes off (of course) and Isaac was sliding through a sparsely furnished room on his sock feet. I got up and moved a table that I had been sitting (shhhhhhh! Don't tell!) on with Chris' cousin at the computer, and had JUST told Isaac to be careful when what does he do but run smack into the table, and a leg falls off it!

So we apologized profusely and Isaac was super embarrassed and felt badly. Later they told us that it had been glued back together numerous times, so the wonder is that *I* didn't break it down by sitting on it! We headed on home about an hour later before we either ended up buying 'em all new furniture or had to go to the ER!!

All in all, it was a beautiful and relaxing day. We all enjoyed ourselves and ate more than we needed to, and were blessed to spend time with both sides of the family!

And get this! Chris' parents have offered to keep the boys tomorrow night (all night!) so Chris is going to take me out to dinner and to a movie that doesn't involve cartoon or superhero characters! I think we're gonna go see The Changeling!

I hope that you all had a fantastic day, too!


Zen Ventures said...

Yikes! you did have a very eventful Thanksgiving! But I'm glad that you all had fun inspite of your little misadventures. *whispering* next time tell the relative who is like family to put the dog in a leash...Btw, thanks for that sweet comment on my WM post. I'm so touched and I'm so happy to be your friend too! {{hugs}}

Robin said...

Glad you didn't have to take anybody to the ER. That would have been bad!! Poor Isaac. And you.
Have fun out with Chris tonight. I understand how rare that can be.