Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nashville, here we come!

im_going_yall Badges

I'm so excited! My buddy Robin over at Dixon Chicks and I are going to Blissdom! I can hardly believe it! I put off asking Chris what he thought about the idea til last night and honestly thought he was gonna say no way. I think I'm stressing Robin out with the spontaneous 'let's do it' but durn it, we deserve some fun too! I may have to forgo my annual trip with my mom to Lake Junaluska in the spring, but I'm sure she'll understand, esp. if Isaac is playing baseball....which I'm pretty sure he will be.

So if ya stop by here and comment, I'll make me a list of who I'll be looking for, cause I want to see you ALL!

Did I mention I'm excited?!


Judy said...

You're going to have a BLAST! Be sure and take lots of blog-worthy pictures!

dddiva said...

Sounds like tons of fun.
Hope 2009 brings you many blessings.

Misty said...

i am so jealous! it will be awesome...