Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday--Freak-A-Zoid

This takes us waaaay back, to 82 or 83, when I was in 5th grade! LOVED this song! Several of my friends had a dance to it, which at the time I thought was the coolest dance EVAH! This brings back good memories of making new friends in a new town...I was coming into my 'middle school' own! LOL

This is dedicated to my fantastic student teacher, K! Today is her last day with me and I am going to miss her soooooo much! Thankfully she'll be in the building for a while longer. I'm trying to educate her on 80s music, so K, this is for you!! I love ya!

So what about you?? Share, puhleeze!!

Have a good weekend!!


Happy Panda said...

Check this one out! Oh and yours is a hoot! Hey are you coming to the party at 5M4M???? Where are you?

Judy said...

Does it make me old that I don't know this song? LOL