Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No greater honor....

have I had than to help lead my oldest child to accept Christ into his heart this evening!

We were doing devotions and after Isaac read a line about giving your heart to Christ, he asked me, "Mom, I want to ask you something about that....do I need to do that at Upward?" I answered that no, he didn't have to do it at Upward, he could do it anywhere, even right here sitting on the couch! "Well, can we?" he asked.

I hollered for his Daddy to come in there and we prayed together as a family! Then Isaac wanted to call my Daddy to tell him what he had done.

I have no doubt that the Devil will fight for him, so that battle comes now....but we're well equipped! Hallelujah!!


Mel said...

I must say that I am thrilled for your family PTL and Amen!!! What a joy to read that..and i am glad my split personality computer did not balk with me leaving you a comment on this awesome amazing post.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

It always is a very touching moment when one accepts the Lord in their hearts especially if it is a loved one! God is so good!