Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is sproinging!

I'm feeling uninspired, so I got a writing prompt from Get It Write Here:
What do you think about when the season Spring begins?

I think of sandals, t-shirts, and outside recess...and that summer, and therefore no school, is within my grasp! I think of baseball games and taking things outside....my favorite place to read and write last summer was the front porch!

The hard part of early spring is how to dress, both me and the boys! For years, my classroom was on the side of the building that got the morning sun, so I would be warm from the morning on. Now my classroom is on the opposite side, and when the boilers aren't on in the entire building, it is chilly! So I have to dress for inside and outside! And being as that I am not the queen of getting laundry done, that sometimes presents a challenge. Add to this that Adam seems to have finally taken a growth spurt UP, his pants are now too short, but the longer pants are too big around the waist. Ah, the challenges.....he's unlike his brother, where the waist is the first thing to go on his pants! They're built totally differently, and Adam is in the sizes that Isaac basically skipped the year he was in Kindergarten. That year he went from size 5/6 to size 10! So that reminds me that this growth spurt can be survived as well! LOL

Ok, guess that's enough rambling for one day...have a good one!

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Amanda Gray said...

Yes, finding the right clothes is always a problem in the change of seasons. And when teaching it is not like you can run out and change :)

I found your blog on Christian Women Online... I am a Christian and a teacher and I just thought I'd widen my network :)

God bless!