Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can't think of a witty title!

Not feeling very witty tonight, but I am thankful for some friends of ours. I teach with L, Chris used to teach with her husband S, and Isaac is best friends with their son D. We're working on how to matchmake their daughter with Adam!

L's grandmother passed away. I hate it so for her. I remember the pain I felt when I lost my Mawmaw, and she's had 15 or so more years with her Granny than I did with Mawmaw. It made me feel so good when S told me that D was okay with coming back to school on Wed. when he found out he could come to my classroom and hang out with Isaac. I am just so so thankful that the Lord brought them into our life, and especially that Isaac has such a fantastic friend in D. If I had hand picked a friend for him, I couldn't have done a better job. Of course I couldn't....cause GOD picked him, and HE is perfect!!

So if you still have your grandparents, hug 'em extra close tonight. And cherish your friends, and the parents of your kids' good friends. They are more precious than gold!


Judy said...

Wish I could hug my grandmother tonight - at 92 she is in Houston, riding out Ike. Yes, ma'am, she is. I tried to go and get her and got screamed at, so here I am. She's pretty prepared, though - has her cell phone fully charged and all her meds filled.

Pamela Plumley said...

My grandmother passed in 06, and grandfather in 07. It was very sad. She had 5 generations there, and many grandchildren as a sign or their love for her. Each bore a flower as s/he commented on their love for our grandmother. It was very special. Yes, grandparents are special!