Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday--Queen of the Night

How about a flashback from college?! I remember having to drive to a town 30 minutes from our campus to see a movie....yes, we were out in the boondocks and the students there now don't know how lucky they are to have more conveniences closer by! I saw "The Bodyguard" with my friend Robin and her then fella and two other guys that were friends. Oh, how I cried at the end! I loved the whole soundtrack of the movie, but this one was a good one to which I could dance around the dorm room! I also remember going to a dance and flipping around like wild women with some of my sorority sisters to this song as well!

So, ladies, are YOU a Queen of the Night today/tonight?! Sure you are! Flaunt it baby!


Judy said...

Ooh, I love some old Whitney - a shame about how things went South for her there.

Hey - what sorority???

dddiva said...

Sure brings back memories- I still dance around like a loon- with my kids this time- my very favorite form of exercise.
Thanks for sharing.

Pamela Kramer said...

Hee Hee - that's a good one. I hope you didn't think I forgot. Been busy with hurricane and all. It's been posted though.