Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I promise I'm not gonna do this every day!

But I need to remind myself...I ate carbs this evening. I had class, had to get something to eat and got fish, which was good, but it came with rice and hush puppies, which were not. So I'm hungry now! Craving anything carby! I ate a snack of sugar free jello, but it hasn't registered to the brain yet. I may try some protein here in a few if the cravings don't pass.

Class was good....but it ran over and then we got into a conversation in the parking lot, so I didn't get home til after 9:30. Now I gotta 'come down' enough to sleep!

Please keep my friend Leanne and her family in your prayers. Her grandmother passed away this morning. Leanne is my coworker and also my friend, and her son and Isaac are best buddies. This is hitting Leanne and her son Drew pretty hard!

Til later....


flattsgurl said...

Ugh I so know what you mean about "coming down"...that is how I have been tonight. Tuesday's I work til 8pm and by the time I get home and get the girls in bed it's about 9. Then I have to get a late dinner and try to wind down. Here I am a hour and a half later...when I really need to be in bed now. LOL

Your friend will be in my thoughts Christy. How sad to loose a family member.

Judy said...

Nights like that drive me NUTS...when I walk in the house and need a good hour to decompress and climb off the ceiling!