Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday--Can't Let Go

I heard this song last night on my way home and boy, did it take me back! It reminded me so much of the unrequited love that I felt in college. The fella was my friend and sometimes the person I argued the most vehemently with. I certainly don't mind that I didn't end up with him, but boy, at the time, did it hurt!

I'm feeling a bit melancholy this week as we have had the 6th death of a family member of someone on our faculty since August. This time it was the 51 year old husband of one of our Special Ed. teachers. Very sad. If you could remember her and her two teenage sons in your prayers, I'd appreciate it!

The video can't be embedded, but click on the link to go see it!

Now what about you? What is taking you back today? Please share!!

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Happy Panda said...

That really stinks. I'm so sorry. It seems that the older we get we have to deal with more and more of it. Hang in there.