Friday, May 30, 2008

Tired, but its a good tired!

Yesterday was my last workday. And work I did! Except for a break here and there to go to lunch with my coworkers provided by our principal and to pick Isaac up from basketball camp, I was working from a little after 8 am until after 8 pm. But I was DONE when I got in the car to go home!! And so I wouldn't be too terribly happy and comfortable while packing up, the heat pump to my room decided to freeze up and then leak water into my closet. That made for fun times! And the only way to remedy the situation is to turn it off til someone can come look at it. By the time I realized it, everyone in the janitorial and maintenance realms were gone for the day, so I had no choice but to shut it off and open the two windows in the room that WILL open. That did help with a breeze, but at best, it was 79 degrees in there! GREAT times were had by Christi, let me just tell ya!

But it is DONE. I didn't have to go back today! Hoooooray!

On Wednesday night, Chris went and got a new dresser/cabinet thing and bookshelf for Isaac's room. So today was spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning out his room and putting it back together with the new furniture! Now, given the dust stirring of the past two days, my nose is so stuffed up it isn't even funny. And the antihistamines I'm taking to dry it up make my mouth super dry, and I'm super thirsty! I had to take a break in the middle of the day to go to see my nurse practitioner for a medicine check. I'm having some esophageal issues, so she's scheduling me for a barium swallow to see if I have to have my esophagus stretched. She also checked my thyroid levels again to make sure that wasn't causing the swallowing difficulties. We'll see what happens with those. Given Daddy's digestive issues all my life, I'd would say it would be the former, but given Mom's thyroid problems when she was younger, it is a good idea to keep a check on that too. So it is a toss-up! Take your pick! LOL

I really, really, really tried NOT to stress out about getting packed up and stuff at school. And I did a much better job at it than usual, I must say! But I still pushed myself pretty hard and have not been sleeping the best. Like last night: I had my nephews' baseball game on my mind all night. Tuesday night, I dreamed all night that next year's first graders were already at school on Wed. and wouldn't LEAVE so I could get packed and cleaned up! Neither of those make for the most restful sleep! This is where the fibro comes in and adds to the sleep and exhaustion issues. So I'm pretty spent tonight. However, it is a satisfied kind of tired. I find it reasonable that I am this tired, and feel it is justified. I'm not exhausted for no reason!

And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Toot

If you want to learn more about the Tuesday Toot, please visit here!

I'm not very good at tooting my own horn, but I'll try! I have done nicely at re-organizing my papers as I get ready to end up the school year. I have successfully sorted my science, reading, and math papers, and have filed all but reading. I still have history and seasonal stuff to do. I plan on going through them quickly tomorrow morning as soon as I get to school so I can concentrate on getting things stored. I'm not stressing about it. I can't promise I'll say the same thing tomorrow at this time, but I can try! I have tons to do still, but I have much more built in storage in this classroom than my old one, so that should make it easier!!

In other tooting news, I have to let you know that my nephews' baseball team won again today, and that I got to see it! I finally worked up the nerve to ask my principal if I could leave early since I only had 5 students left and my coworkers were more than willing to help me out. So Isaac and I got to watch them win again! They play tomorrow in a tiny town that is quite a distance from here, so we won't be able to see that game, so I was especially glad that I got to see them today!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Did you have a nice weekend?

I did! I had to work today, though. But it wasn't too bad!

I got to watch my niece Katie perform again on Saturday night, which I always love to do.

I also got to see some friends from college on Sunday. You can read more about that here!

Did you do anything special? Did you get today off?

Friday, May 23, 2008

A hodgepodge

I couldn't decide what to write about so I'll just write it all.

First, I didn't get to watch Grey's Anatomy last night because I was watching my nephews kick some butt at a district championship baseball game. Till after 10. 30 minutes or so from home. With my two children and mom. So we were out late! But it was SOOOOOO worth it to get to see them play so well! Now I'm trying to convince their coach, who is one of our P.E. teachers, to talk our principal into letting me have educational leave for 1/2 the day on the last day of school so I can go watch 'em in the regional game! hee hee Aren't I awful?!

And what a Grey's it was! I sat here and cried, but it all came out all right. It was a healing cry. It was a stress relieving cry. I'm all good now! :D

Let's see...what else was there??! Oh yeah, don't whiners just get on your last nerve sometimes? Those people who constantly have the worst life ever? Can't be happy for ANYTHING, even if they have a good family, good job, roof over their head and their health? And they STILL find crises and tragedies to go on and on about? How about when they've done this the entire time you've known them---almost 5 years now?? Yeah. Gets on my nerves too. Had to get that out safely and without chewing someone out!

Chris irritated me tonight. I got over it, but how come sometimes men feel the need to keep irritating their children when they are already whiny?? Why do that? Why not just leave well enough alone? I just don't get the male logic on that one. I don't *think* that any men read my blog, but if ya do, please fill me in on this one, cause it has been a bone of contention for years now, and I'd really appreciate some insight!

OK, I think that is it. No, one more thing. Pack Rat on Facebook is evil. EVIL I tell you! It sucks you in and you become very addicted! Bad bad bad!!

Ok, that really is it! Good night!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my baby graduated from preschool this evening!

He did wonderfully on his part! He got a tad bored since he was at the beginning part, but he still sat nicely for the most part!

Now, mind you, he'll be right back in preschool next year since he has an October birthday. But that is okay! I'm proud of him still!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Know how God speaks to us through others when we need it most??

I haven't taken the time to visit Mel's World lately, but please, considering my last post, visit what she has to say today! It is mind boggling sometimes how God answers us through others and has them say exactly what we need to hear! I'm going to copy and paste (since we can't visit blogs at school) what she said and share it with several of my coworkers who also feel knocked down right now!!

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Powerful Word!!

I don't wanna!

I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Now, granted, I remember and understand that is my last full week with my students and that it is going to be chock-full with fun activities. But I DO have a reason for not wanting to go!

On Friday, I attended probably the most frustrating meeting concerning a child that I have attended in the 12 years I've been teaching. In this meeting, a child's father wanted to deny his child any access to special education services. Basically, the child has a diagnosis that the parent doesn't like. So for some reason that I cannot even begin to fathom, he thinks that removing him from any and all services is magically going to make him able to do the work that he is struggling to do. This child, folks, is just NOT going to be able to do it. It is not going to happen, and this father is doing him such a disservice.

We, the others in the meeting, tried to explain to him why this was not in the child's best interest, but he basically had his stubborn mind made up. He claimed that he was going to go home and think about it, but we all knew that this probably means he's going to come back with the same plan. And there is nothing anyone can do to change his mind.

I did something in the meeting that I've never done. I was so frustrated, that as hard as I tried, I could not stop the tears from falling. I tried very hard to control my emotions, but it was just breaking my heart. This child is so precious, he tries so hard, and I can just see how frustrated he gets without his needed accommodations. I was not demonstrative in my tears flowing, but I know that everyone in the meeting saw. I left the meeting and went to one classroom with someone else in the meeting and cried. Then I went to look for my students (since this took place while I was supposed to be teaching) and cried on 2 other teachers and our guidance counselor. I was already planning on taking 1/2 day off to go to the aforementioned retreat. I am very thankful for that, because I felt so defeated at that point that I don't know how I could have taught.

But I just don't want to go back there tomorrow. I don't want to know that the dad has come back to do what he wants without considering the years of experience that were urging him to reconsider. I don't want to have to look at this child tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to do so without weeping again. I feel like I have failed him, though I know I have done all in my power that I can do.

But between that and disagreeing with a coworker over her decision to leave a child out of a field trip, I'm emotionally wrought out. I'm tired. I don't want to go through any more. I want the year to be over already. I want to sleep late and pee when I wish, and not have to worry about what I'm not doing right by my students for a while.

If you pray, please do so for me....I know that this will be okay, but I just simply do. not. want. to. do. it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It is either feast or famine....

with me blogging lately!

Ask any elementary school teacher, this time of year is SO stressful, that you barely can even stand yourself! I keep getting all upset over the most senseless things. I KNOW that it is not worth getting torn up about, but actually stopping myself isn't easy.

I am finding myself barely having energy to get through the day and dealing with home stuff to get the boys to bed before I drop myself. My sister called around 10 last night and was amazed that I was already asleep! But I gotta do what I gotta do to stay sane and healthy.

Right now, I should be putting away laundry or starting another load of clothes, but the quite house is beckoning me to take a little nap instead (Chris took the boys to see Ironman)!

Laundry....nap......laundry......nap.......heck, no toss up, I'm laying down for a few!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My wonderful weekend

I'm thrilled to have a good one to write about! I got up at a decent hour (for once, I'm only a tad ashamed to admit!) and went to Wal-Mart to pick up presents for my mom and Chris' mom and a few other odd things. I had the boys with me, and I am PROUD to say that they kept up with me and didn't whine, and didn't even get upset when we didn't take the time to go look at toys! I did prepare them beforehand, but still....pretty impressed with how well they did!

We got home and all got ready to go, and we took the boys to the in-laws, who were in for the weekend. Then we went to see Keep on the Sunny Side at Barter Theatre! I've wanted to see this play since the first time it ran several years ago. It was well worth the wait! This play would be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, but people from Scott County can appreciate it so much more. Heck, they even had the accents down pat! And it was funny to listen to the other theater-goers try to get the family ties and history straight. This is something that Chris and I have grown up knowing, and honestly, not giving our attention. To see this and KNOW the places to which the actors referred, and to know other little inside scoops just from living here, was very nice.

I regret that I didn't make it to "The Fold" as it is called around here before Janette died. And I regret even more that I didn't get to see Johnny and June Carter Cash perform there. Mom and Dad went to the Fold one weekend because Dad had been asked to fill in on Sunday at the Carter family church. And it just so happened that it was the night of a surprise appearance by June and Johnny!

I ran into Janette one day in town. We were in the same antique shop, and I couldn't think of anything profound to say, so I just said, "I know who you are!" She smiled and introduced me to her companion, who just happened to be Tom T. Hall's wife!!

The only 'downer' of the weekend was that Isaac got sick with strep throat!

By the way! Robin...check out this page....recognize anyone?! Turns out that we attended college with one of the resident actors at Barter!

I did get some very nice Mother's Day gifts today. Isaac wrote an ABC book about me, which I will always treasure! Adam made me an apron, a card, several paper flowers, and a magnet! The fact that I got an apron is quite funny since I am NOT the cook around here, but hey--I wore it today to get his bologna and cheese sandwich, doesn't that count?!

Mommyfest 2008!

I love a good blog party! I have found some fantastic blogs to read and lives to follow doing things similar to Mommyfest, so I'm up for some more about you??

To introduce myself to those new around here, my name is Christi. I am the proud wife of Chris for going on 10 years, and the proud mama of Isaac, 7, and Adam, 4 1/2. I also teach first grade, so I'm a surrogate mama of sorts to a group of kids 10 months out of the year! I love my job and really feel as though it is my calling--but that's not to say I don't enjoy the break during summers!!

I am also a follower of Christ. This certainly doesn't mean that I am perfect, but rather that I admit my imperfections freely and ask for His help to overcome them. And I do this daily. Hourly. Multiple times an hour. I am trying to do better about not worrying and turning my concerns over to Him and NOT taking them back, but this, too, is a daily struggle!

I live in Southwestern Virginia. This is my chosen home, as my father is a retired United Methodist minister and we moved every 4-5 years. I'm proud of my Southern accent and will only get more country sounding if you make fun of it!

As I said, I'm far from perfect. I've got a temper, I really enjoy a good nap, and my house is not the cleanest on the block. But I love my family and try my best to be loyal to my friends, and I hope you'll come back by to read my thoughts!!

If you happened on this post and would like to know more about Mommyfest, you can visit here!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Feast


When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?

Yes, unless I just don't see them! I love to smile at people and see their reactions!


Describe the flooring in your home. Do you have carpet, hardwood, vinyl, a mix?

Carpet everywhere but the kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway. Bathroom/kitchen are vinyl and entryway is parquet. (I think that is how you spell that!)


Write a sentence with only 5 words, but all of the words have to start with the first letter of your first name.

Can creepy crawlies complete crosswords? HA! That wasn't easy to do on a teacher's Friday drained brain!!

Main Course

Do you know anyone whose life has been touched by adoption?

Yes, a college friend and a couple at our church are the first that come to mind!


Name 2 blue things.

my couch and Smurfs

Join in the fun! Visit Friday's Feast!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday--Flip Flops

I'm so glad that sandals weather is here....the closest I can get to barefoot in public!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Not that I did anything related to it today, but hey....thought I'd share the wishes anyway!

I am in a list making mood. So here is a list of things that I did today:

Woke up around 6 when Adam padded in to get in bed with me.

Left the house around 7:10 to be at school at 7:15 for bus duty. Got there 6 minutes late.

Greeted students warmly until 8 am.

Taught school til 3:05, then tried to work on the project I have due tomorrow for my technology class til 3:25. Didn't get very far.

Went to a training on using PALS online from 3:30 til 4:40 or so. Shot the sh*t with coworkers til about 5.

Drove home, then walked to drugstore to pick up supplies for students' Mother's Day project.

Ate a yummy dinner prepared by my sweetie.

Surfed the 'net while watching the news with said sweetie.

Re-loaded my iPod, and on suggestion of the sweetie, took a walk BY MYSELF!

Got boys in the shower, then listened to I. read while A. played on computer.

Got A. to bed, including preparing clothes for him tomorrow, while I. played on computer.

Wrote a card to my friend who is in basic training in Oklahoma.

And then sat down to surf a little before going to bed. Have to be back at school for bus duty at 7:30, and will be in the building til class is over somewhere around 5:30-6. Then I will come home and eat, and I've GOT to go to Target to get some much needed stuff. Chris has a meeting at church at 7, so I'll have the boys with me on the trip to Target. Hopefully this won't mean a meltdown in the toy department!

Before I finish surfing, I also need to try to get an idea of some technological plans I can institute to help educate my first graders in the areas of reading, science, and mathematics tomorrow. Just cause I wanna use my SMARTboard!

So there you go. I feel productive today!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

How do you pronounce it?

Time for a fun game! Except for one word, I love to hear how others pronounce words according to where they live and what they are used to hearing!

Now, the one word that I will argue with you vehemently is Appalachian. You see, I LIVE in the Appalachian mountains, about an hour south of Appalachia, Virginia. And though you can lecture me on what the dictionary says or what newscasters say, but I'll tell ya: I AM from here, and what the natives say is right, in my book! So for my purposes, it is App-uh-latch-uh. No long a in the place!

Now that that is settled, how do you pronounce these words??

POINSETTIA: poin-set-ee-uh or poin-set-uh
EITHER: ee-ther or aye-ther
PAPRIKA: pap-ri-kuh or puh-pree-kuh
ROUTE: root or rout
GALA: gey-luh or gal-uh
CONSORTIUM: consor-shee-um or consor-tee-um
VASE: vayse or vahz
MISCHIEVOUS: mis-che-vus or mis-chee-vee-ous
KILOMETER: kil-uh-meter or ki-lom-i-ter
PATRONIZE: pay-tronize or pah-tronize
COMFORTABLE: comf-terble or com-fer-ta-ble
ASSOCIATE: ass-o-see-ate or ass-o-shee-ate
ORANGE: awr-nj or ornj
CARAMEL: care-a-mel or car-mel or kahr-uh-mel or kahr-mul

Put it in your comments or post your own game and leave me the link!!

Here are my answers:
POINSETTIA: poin-set-uh
EITHER: ee-ther
PAPRIKA: pap-ri-kuh
ROUTE: rout
GALA: I honestly don't say this word much, but if I had a choice, I'd go with gal-uh
CONSORTIUM: Another word I don't say much! But I'll go with consor-shee-um
VASE: vayse
MISCHIEVOUS: mis-chee-vee-ous
KILOMETER: ki-lom-i-ter
PATRONIZE: pay-tronize
COMFORTABLE: Took me several pronunciations to hear the difference, but I guess I say comf-terble
ASSOCIATE: ass-o-see-ate
ORANGE: awr-nj
CARAMEL: kahr-mul

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The cat came about the other pets?

Would you like to know about them?

As I mentioned yesterday, I've had Francie since before I met Chris. Sally came along in the spring before we were married. Actually, we had another dog, Lucy, before that, but she was tragically run over in Chris' parents' driveway. So when we got home from that trip, we found Weimeraner mix puppies advertised on a local TV channel, and went to pick her out. She doesn't look like a Weimeraner at all....she's all black and has hazel eyes. She's 10 years old now, and likes to lay in her dog house! She's showing her age with some arthritis. She is SUCH a good dog!

Next to come along was Joe. My former neighbor was here to visit her parents one weekend when they found Joe at a local mill. She took him to the vet and basically was not going to leave town until she had a home for the cat! So we took him! But when we had Isaac, he decided that babies were too noisy and basically went to live with the neighbors....incidentally, not the same ones where Francie had gone this week! He will still come in the basement to sleep during the day and rarely comes in the house. Sometimes if we get home at an unexpected time he'll still be upstairs sleeping...but now that is even more rare since Gunnar is here!

Next to come along was Nixie! The parents of a former student raise Boxer pups, and had a runt of the litter that they weren't going to sell. So guess who got her?? She is very small for a Boxer! I had a Boxer growing up, and had always wanted another, so this was a dream come true for me. She has all the energy of a Boxer with the brains to match....she's a tad goofy! LOL

And last to come along was Gunnar. ANOTHER neighbor's daughter had gotten the cat for her son when they were getting ready to buy a house. Unfortunately, the house fell through, and she couldn't keep the cat at her apartment. So the S. family to the rescue! He's a lazy tom cat, and loves to stay in the house!

We also have various fish. We have some black skirts (not sure what the real name is, and I'm too lazy to ask Chris right now!) and we have 3 bettas: one here, one at Chris' school, and one in my classroom. I suppose they'll all be home for the summer soon!

So now you know all about the menagerie that we keep around here!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My cat is, she's not!!

and it doesn't look like she's coming back.

I've had Francie since before Chris and I met. We found her at the preschool where I was teaching in 1997. She was MY cat. She tolerated the rest of the family, but it was me that she adored. She used to run and jump on my lap and put her paws on each shoulder and lick my face when I came in. It was in one such time that I told her that we were going to marry Chris (she and I, that is) after our second date. She used to sit on the side of the tub while I took a bath. She watched Isaac like a hawk when he was a baby and someone other than Chris or me were here watching him. I worried that she wouldn't like it when we had the boys, but she just took them over as babies of hers, too.

One time I had a candle burning on my dressing table, and she jumped up and caught her tail on fire! When we moved to our current house from the one where we lived when we first married (where my parents now live), she kept disappearing to go over there as it is less than a mile from here and not across any major thoroughfares. One time I was at mom and dad's house and Mom said for me to open the door to let HER cat in, but it wasn't her cat at the door, it was mine!! So I scooped her up and took her back home with me!

I hadn't even let myself think about her being gone until this evening. We noticed that she hadn't been around on Wednesday, when I brought some Frontline home for all the cats and she didn't come to eat that evening. And then Chris got to thinking that she hadn't come around in a few days, which isn't like her....she's all about the canned food that we give her at night! I asked Chris this morning something about her being gone, and Chris hugged me, and I told him that I didn't have time to get upset about her then! (I helped take 74 first graders to a play, McDonald's, and a park today!) But tonight the tears are flowing! And as much as Chris loved to fuss about her, he loved her too. I keep hoping maybe she's gonna show back up, but in my heart I know she is gone. And my heart hurts thinking that she is laying out there somewhere!! I would just like to be able to bury her!!

I know I have two other cats and dogs and various fish, but SHE was MINE. And I miss her!

UPDATE: Chris went looking for her while I was posting this, and the little scamp was down at the neighbors!! She apparently was hanging out down there cause he'll feed her! I've cried all over again thankful that she is okay!! And now we know where to look for her should she go missing again!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

An answered prayer, maybe?

I have been interested in looking into a Master's in Reading for years. I finally worked up my nerve today to go talk to the Superintendent of schools to see if there might be an opening in the county in the future as a Reading Specialist, and if there would be any funds available to help pay for my schooling. He said that yes, there were going to be openings, and that yes, he would be able to help out with paying for school! How awesome is that??!

Please pray for me as I continue in this journey! Two people told me after I told them about the fibromyalgia that I need to look at getting out of the classroom to reduce stress and take better care of my body in this. I hate the thought in one way, but in another, I have been thinking the same thing myself somewhat. So maybe this is God's nudging!!

I'll keep you posted!