Thursday, September 10, 2009

Putting a rude man in his place

So here's the story:

First, let me preface this by saying that I have had to come off my antidepressants for the first trimester of this pregnancy. This affects my mood somewhat, most notably (by me) in that when I get upset/mad, I get MUCH more so than I usually would. So when Chris and I had a disagreement on the way to the ballgame last Friday night, I am certain that this contributed.

So we're heading to the line to get our tickets to get into the game. There was a man standing several feet back from the line fiddling with his wallet. Yes, I realized he was probably heading for the line, but he had stopped quite a bit away from it, so I proceeded to slip past him and get in line myself with the boys. Soon after, I hear a snide comment behind me of,"You better watch it, they'll just jump in line in front of ya..." Given the mood I was in, I tried to be calm, but I'll admit...I'm not good about hiding how I feel from showing on my face. Ask anyone who I've ever been mad at, and they'll tell ya. *blushing* So I may have looked how I felt as I turned around and told him to go ahead of me. He refused, so I continued to insist. He then goes ahead to make what I think is a pretty stupid statement..."Oh, I don't mind!" OH, REALLY?! And that is why you made a snide comment about it??!
So I pointed this out with a smile...."If you don't care, then why did you say anything?" He was obviously uncomfortable by this point, as he should have been. If you don't want to be called on your smart ass statements, don't make 'em! I asked one more time for him to go ahead of us, and he again refused. So I walked to the end of the line, giving him no choice but to go ahead since it was so important to him only moments before. The person who was at the end of the line (now right on front of me) apparently got a kick out of my 'show' and turned around once again to look at me. I commented again, "If he didn't care, he should have kept his mouth shut!" I know I embarrassed my husband, but it just hit me the wrong way.

The moral of my story:
If you don't want to be called on your rude vocalizations, keep 'em in your head where they belong!

So there's my story!


Judy said...

Girl, I am not pregnant and I would have done the exact same thing!

Lisa B said...

You go! I love it! haha

Angela Williams Duea said...

Too bad the bible doesn't mention how Jesus handled rude people, huh?

Lilac City Momma said...

Love it! Im the same way. Seriously most people need to just shut their mouths.