Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And since everything else seems to be going strangely....

including my body going haywire on me, how about we have a car tear up while we're at it, too?

We were driving up here yesterday and the car would make this strange vibrating sound at certain times. Chris could explain when, but I know you really don't care about that, so I won't go into detail. Suffice it to say that for the third time this summer, something is wrong on Chris' car, which is the newest one we own (an '03Dodge Neon).

So today we agreed that we'd start looking for cars. Look we did. We (no make that he) test drove 3 cars. I honestly didn't feel up to driving. I'm not HURTING with this shingles stuff, I just don't feel well, ya know? So he drove a Mercury Sable, a Mercury Grand Marquis, and a Chevrolet Impala. We came back home, and apparently while I was napping, Chris realized that Kermit the Used Car Salesman had kept his driver's license! So off to the dealership he went. He called back about a half hour ago wanting some information from me. It looks like we will soon own another vehicle!

He liked the Grand Marquis best. I really liked the Sable better, because it was a tad bit shorter and I would be able to see out of it better.But since I'm not the tall one in the family and he'll be driving it all of the time, I am cool with him getting it. No big deal.

So there is the current excitement going on here! R, sorry I didn't call you back yesterday. The cell service here is not the greatest, so I'll try to call on their phone later.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Judy said...

I actually like the Grand Marquis - it was my second choice last year. It is the ultimate road-ship!

Judy said...

Hey Christi - we got RAIN! Hoo boy, do we have rain! I think we're up to almost 4 inches here at the house now. If I could send it to you, I would!