Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update on A, and other stuff

Things went well! She is going to be getting child support and they are sharing custody, with their daughter staying with A. during the week and then with her ex three weekends a month. Thanks so much for your prayers! They ended up settling in the judge's chambers so I didn't have to say a thing! It stressed me out to the maximum capacity (to use a 'Copeland sister' phrase!) though, and I ended up having to take a muscle relaxer this afternoon cause my tense neck and shoulders were giving me a bad headache!

And on to other stuff....this GRE thing. Stinks. I'm not really thrilled about spending the next 20 days studying for this thing when the actual score isn't gonna count for anything. I know I could just blow it off and not study (since I've been known to do that in the past....right, Robin?!) but I hate to go into this program with remedial scores and the professors thinking I'm crazy for trying! So I've found a good free website that has lots of good practice, etc. on there and I'm gonna hit it at least a few hours a day.

Besides, I've been feeling pretty......um, dumb.....lately cause my brainy friends on Facebook have been kicking my butt on some word related games, so I'm studying up on my vocab! Watch out, ladies and gentlemen, I'll soon know words you only WISH you could guess! (Yeah, right....who am I kidding?!)

Adam was stung by a bee today. It was the first time he'd been stung so we didn't know if he'd be allergic or what, but turns out it swelled up a little and that was it. We were glad about that!

Oh, and get this....one of my mother's artificial HIPS was recalled! What the heck?! Apparently, there were some of them manufactured in Ireland and they weren't put together exactly right, and hers happens to be one of them. Thankfully, they said it wouldn't have adhered right and hers was not one affected, so her doctor was just informing her. But how awful would that be to have to have your artificial replaced?! All that pain and rehab all over again?! Thank the Lord that this was not the case!

OK. I really should stop playing and either do a Bible study or work some more on this GRE stuff. I take it on July 21st. Which is way too soon, in my book. But at the same time, maybe I can use this as my excuse to not go see my inlaws til after it is over since I'm studying online and their internet is from the Stone Ages. Hmmmmm, maybe I CAN work this to my advantage! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!


Robin said...

Sounds like you have a game plan for the GRE anyway. And I totally, don't like the comment about not studying. Ha Ha!! Actually when we were talkinga bout the SLLS test, I mentioned how we didn't do a thing but show up and talk about that guy from Channel 5 that was there. Oh, how innocent we were. That or dumb.

Misty said...

really??? They recall artificial hips? What the heck???

I keep waiting for Gen to get stung too... wondering.

Judy said...

Are you sure your in-laws are not my parents? I just got back from their house (a few days' worth), and they are on d--i--a--l u--p. Oh my. I thought I would bust a vein!

GRE is short-term - you can do this!

quitecontrary1977 said...

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