Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday's Toot (of the horn! Get your mind outta the gutter!)

I tooted my own horn quite a bit yesterday, but I actually did some good cleaning today! We were anticipating the DirectTV installers coming today. They said to be sure to have 3 feet behind the TV where they could do the installations. So Chris and I cleaned out the entertainment center, behind it, cleaned the wall, and even moved the aquarium that had been sitting on it!

Unfortunately, still no DirectTV. After we had waited patiently for hours, they arrived around 4:30. As luck would have it, so did a thunderstorm. Though the thunderstorm passed, the installer gave us this song and dance about how it was going to rain for hours here and that he'd get us rescheduled. That did not make for a very happy Mr. or Mrs. But what can we do?? At least we're trying to get this done during the summer and not the school year, where it would be a much bigger pain in the ass! Hopefully this will not interfere with the ONLY plans I have made for during the day (except for doctor's appointments) since school got out! I have lunch plans for the next two days!

Anyway, I'll look back at that silver lining of getting some cleaning done that I might have let slide otherwise, right?!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At least you did get something done in the end!

We waited on DirectTV one night until 8:30!!! I cannot believe my husband was so nice to the guy, I am usually the nice one, but I was slap irritated, it was a school night, and I don't like people at my house that late!

That is what happens when you get old;) LOL