Monday, July 28, 2008

And this little piggy ran weee-wee-wee......

all the way home! Yay! We got home late yesterday afternoon, much to my delight. Very very happy to be among my things in my home! We had a good visit, especially considering my shingles, but I feel better being HERE when I am not feeling the best. Surely you can relate, right?

So, the big Bloggy Giveaways Carnival is going on this week, so I'm entering contests like a madwoman. I've decided not to offer a giveaway this time, but I'm definitely in for the next one! Go check it out and have fun entering, if you haven't already!

I got an email saying that my third letter of recommendation had not been received for graduate school (after first receiving an email saying that everything WAS there first, I might add!). I've been trying to track down what the holdup is today, which has gotten me nowhere. Lovely. Very frustrating, and makes me very anxious! And then about 30 minutes ago I realized I had not taken my meds today, so that definitely would have added to the anxiety! *insert hitting head with the heel of my hand here!*

I'm still itchy and rashy. I'm sure that is what you came here to read, right?! If you have any magical remedies to remove oneself from the throes of shingles, I'll gladly take 'em and pass them on to the world wide web if they work! I have officially had enough of this, and have visions of myself on the first day of school running around with an icepack on my rear.....oh, not a pretty picture, not at all!

Please continue to remember Daddy in your prayers. As I stated earlier, we are praying big here, for a miracle healing of this aneurysm! After a few days to process things, Dad has said that he may not wait the complete 6 months before having another scan and discussing surgery. So prayers are appreciated concerning this!

That's about it, I suppose. I think I'll walk down to the drugstore (without the ice pack on the butt, thank you!) and buy MORE ice packs so I can rotate them out like I was doing at my in-laws. Somehow between here and there I lost one of my two, and had been using two of theirs while we were visiting.



Brittany said...

Found you on MBC and I wanted to say, my poor hubby had shingles, so I definitely feel for you! Hope you feel better soon!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Good luck with the itching! Ouch! And I am totally taking a break from entering any more giveways!!


Robin said...

I had hoped you were feeling better. Maybe soon?

Misty said...

oatmeal baths are pretty helpful! maybe you'll win a splendid prize pack and that will help! :)