Monday, July 21, 2008

Remember that rash I mentioned the other day?

It kept getting bigger and more abnormally shaped, even though I was trying to treat it with stuff. As of last night, it also started looking kind of bruised. So after taking the test this morning and taking a nap (of course! Naps come before weird rashes in the hierarchy!) I decided to go by urgent care and see what they thought it might be. I probably wouldn't have done that at all if we weren't headed out of town.

Guess what they think it is? SHINGLES! It isn't a typical case, so she did some lab work to be sure, but since it is following a nerve as shingles would, she's treating it as such.

Am I just a freak of nature, or what?! I sure feel like one!

Only *I* would break out in shingles in the middle of summer--my relaxing time of year!


Judy said...

I wondered about this the other day - my FIL has shingles right now - IN HIS EYE! Ouch. Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

OH I hope it clears up soon! My Mom and MIL have both had it, and they said it was very painful!

Robin said...

Glad your test is over and done with. Now on to classes with Herb! Hope you do well with the shingles thing. Bernice has had them and they are not fun. Maybe you won't be able to go now. =D Sorry, just being mean. Go over to my blog and read where I went Sunday night. I was in Pikeville, KY if that tells you anything!

Zen said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope they figure out what it is!

Could it just be a heat rash?

on a different note:

You've been awarded!