Sunday, February 17, 2008

A 1 credit hour class?! HA!

Want to know how much time I spent on assignments for it this week, most of it today??? At least 5 hours! How annoying. It is good information on teaching English Language Learners, but still....I'm putting more time into this class than the three hour class I'm taking at the same time!

Of course, I probably shouldn't have put most of it off until today, but today was when I had a block of time to work on it. It is hard to concentrate after teaching all day and while the boys are running around, and by the time they are down, I'm pretty worn out myself, see the catch 22 here!


How about a dumb husband quote for the road?

Dumb husband question of the week. Backstory: I got test results back recently affirming that there is a definite possibility that I am dealing with fibromyalgia:

Should you go to the doctor? You seem like you have been awfully tired lately!

UHHHHH, HELLOOOOOO, HONEY?! That IS what is wrong with me!

Oh, but he has lots to learn, doesn't he?!

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