Monday, February 18, 2008

The one in which I fall and embarass myself

The klutz that I am, it could be any of a number of times! Like the time I was rushing into our dorm room on the way to somewhere when I sliced a big gash in my leg...or the time I fell down the hardwood steps at my sisters' house with a duffel bag of laundry on my back....or on Friday when, with several high schoolers visiting our classroom, my rolling desk chair rolled right out from under me...or tonight at the Upward Basketball Awards Celebration I tripped over the corner of a ramp and fell in front of practically half of our county.....yeah, that was me.

Or how about the time I was simply standing in the front yard of our church and my ankle gave way and I fell right on my rear? Sprained my ankle on that one.

I don't know any bigger klutzes than me. And poor Isaac has inherited the tendency.

Tonight I hopped up and the first thing I asked was if my sister saw it happen...which she didn't. She'd never have let me live it down!

Please tell me I'm not the only person who can fall up and down stairs, and off sidewalks!! Please??


Robin said...

Oh dear!! At least you didn't pull down the table or anything. Call me so we can get a date set up!! I want to talk to you about your doctor stuff and everything.

Misty said...

No ma'am... I am a clutz who comes from a family of superiorly clutzy women!