Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 days

That is the total of how many days I missed of work due to this stinkin' stomach bug and Adam's walking pneumonia! It came back for both of us, and it was worse the second go 'round for me. It was really stinky.

I am still feeling disconnected from my worlds, if that makes sense. 4 days to a first grader is a LOOONG time, so it took a while yesterday to get back into the groove. Add to it that we had snow coming down all day, and they kept wondering why we weren't going home early, AND the fact that we're closed today because of the snow, and I am basically a week behind! I HATE that!

I've also felt disconnected somewhat from my online world, and I know that is because I haven't felt like commenting and visiting, and therefore no one was visiting here, and that led to me not caring if I didn't post much....bad cycle. But I'll get back there, I am sure!

What about you? How have you been the past few days?


Robin said...

Are we still on for face-to-face time tomorrow evening??? Pretty please.

Tara said...

I've been terrible the last few days. But just emotionally!

I sure hope you fully recover soon. Being sicks is just no fun.