Saturday, February 9, 2008

Taaaa daaaa!

After looking on and off all day when I was supposed be doing other things like working on stuff for a class, I found a background I really like! What do you think?

I've been in a 'blah blah' week. I haven't blogged much, haven't entered many contests...Laura @ LauraWilliamsMusings probably thinks I'm sick cause I haven't been around! LOL

I found out that the inflammatory process markers are still showing up in my bloodwork, so the next step is to see a rheumatologist. This is kind of uncharted territory in my world, so if you have any suggestions or insights about what is going to happen next I'd appreciate it. I was hoping that it would come back negative this time, so I could just chalk it up to 'start of the school year' stress and move on, but apparently that isn't the case.

I have to go to the dentist on Tuesday and I am dreading it already. I have had panic attacks in the chair before, I so dislike going. Yuck.

I have to do the children's sermon tomorrow and I haven't got anything together. We have been doing "Fragments" for the past um, probably 15 years during Lent (gathering the fragments of the loaves and fishes from the crowd....gathering loose change from the congregation) so do I go with that? Do we go another direction? I guess I have about 12 hours to decide! LOL

That is about it. Hope I get out of this funk again soon!


Tara said...

love the background

Robin said...

We need a date. When do you go to the doctor? Betsy had to do all that. I'll talk to her for you. Let's set a time!!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny! I have you in my feed reader so I wasn't ready to call out the calvary yet. lol

I like the background! Pretty!

Misty said...

i love it!!! a lot...