Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A how are we update.....

We're good!

You mean you want more than that?!

Well, okay if you insist....

Let's see..I went to the doctor for a medicine check/refill on Friday. Waited for forever, of course....but that is okay, I have come to expect that. I get my refills, and Mitzi (she's a nurse practitioner, everyone calls her by her first name, I don't know why, but I just go with the flow...) is still bothered by the fact that an inflammation marker came back positive on my blood work. Since most of the other tests came back negative, she said she thinks it may be osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. She sent off to have the test done again to see if if it is still positive. Since osteo runs in my family, that is probably it. But in the meantime, she gave me 2 heavenly shots of cortizone in my back. I didn't even realize I was in pain til it was gone, and man....does it feel better! She also gave my some scripts for muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. I took 'em last night and was still relaxed this morning, so I think I'll save those for a 'need' basis!

Let's see...Chris has a big meeting coming up at work. Since the rest is confidential, I'll leave it at that, but some prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated! (He teaches special education, he isn't with the CIA, so no worries about flying bombs or anything!)

Isaac is continuing to do really well in school. He and some of his friends are going to be in the school talent show doing the "Keep On" routine from the Brady Bunch! It is SOOOO cute! I'm proud of him for agreeing to do it cause he is pretty shy!

Adam is.....well, Adam. Some days it is a good thing he is so durn cute or I'd wear him out! He has some aversion to eating supper each night. I'm not sure why. But it is a constant struggle, as is brushing teeth. I'll admit after teaching all day and then having class til 6 or so and a stressful situation after that (a pregnant friend slipped and fell...still don't know the outcome there, so prayers are needed there as well...) my patience was pretty low, but still! EVERY night it is the same! thing! This will pass, right?! Right?! Helloooooo----you're supposed to say right there!!

OK, so there is the S. family update for the day! Thanks for reading!

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Robin said...

Check out my 4 random facts. Hope you are feeling better!! Let's get together soon.