Friday, February 8, 2008

All about my birthday!

I'm sure you all have been waiting with bated breath about how I spent my birthday! LOL

Of course, I had to go to work, but before I got into school, my niece and sister in law gave me a present! It was a orange long sleeved t-shirt with embroidered football themed pictures on it, and a pair of Tennessee socks to go with it! I LOVE it! And since they are big Virginia Tech fans, I am touched that they bought me Tennessee stuff! During the day, I got several well wishes and a sweet book as a gift from my dear friend Milly, and my students made me close my eyes and then gave me a huge group hug! It was very sweet.

When Chris got home, we took the boys to mom and dad's and headed to Riverfront Seafood. I ordered the Jumbo Shrimp marinated in Ginger Teriyaki and Friend Corn on the Cob. It was delicious! Then we went looking for a new dryer, since ours has basically bit the dust and would cost almost as much as a new dryer to fix. So, happy birthday to me, we bought a new one! But even better, we got a $500 dryer for $350! It is really nice, and sooooo quiet compared to the horrendous noise that the old one was making.

You read about the last part of my day when I decided to just bask in the quiet and read, so there you have it! My thiry-fifth birthday!

OH but you do need to go visit my friend Robin's tribute to me for a good laugh! If you go over there, tell her I sent ya!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember the name of that restaurant when we get up that way... We are planning on March so we can pick up my Mother's car that is being given to our oldest dd (19).

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Robin said...

Love your new background!!