Monday, February 11, 2008

Have you ever sponsored....

a child through a group like Compassion International? I have always been tempted to, but never have followed through with it. That is up until today! I have been praying about it, and really feel led to support this group in particular. They are sending a group of bloggers to Uganda to blog about their experiences in an effort to personalize their mission and hopefully get more people to sign up for it.

I found out about it because two of the blogs that I visit are women who are on the trip. I've been praying about their trip, and really felt led by their sacrifice--leaving their families to do this included--to go on this trip and spread the Word. It is just an awesome thing that they are doing!

So I'm psyched about it, can ya tell?!

If you would like to follow along in their journey, go here where you can be hooked up to all the bloggers' personal sites!

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Misty said...

We have sponsored a child... That is SO Cool!!!! What a great way to promote their ministry!