Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day.....just another day......

except me and Isaac and Adam all came home with chocolate! LOL

Chris surprised me this morning with a small potted wild rose and a Whitman's sampler! We got the boys both a little box of chocolates, too. His parents sent us a check to take ourselves out to eat and send each boy a $10 Walmart gift card, so they're anxious to spend 'em!

The 'highlight' of the day was my car dying! I was gonna sneak out and get us lunch at a local place and my car wouldn't start. So that was upsetting! When I called Chris, his first question was, "Where were you going?!" as though THAT was the most important thing! UGH! So I called my ever so handy Daddy, and he and Mom went and got a gallon of gas to put in it since the fuel lever sensor has been going wonky. Nothing happened. So they got another gallon, and it started. I'm embarrassed to say I had run it clean out of gas, but I am glad that nothing worse was wrong!

The rest of the day was wild at school, with our Valentine party, and then Chris went to Lion's Club with Dad and Mom and I went to Mimi's for pizza with the boys. Then I took a long bubblebath while Chris read, and then we all are going to bed!

Ahh the romance! The passion! The getting to go to bed early! How things change when you're a mom and married almost 10 years! LOL

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Misty said...

well I didn't get a card or any romance.. in fact, I got to tag along with my hubby after work, to go to his sisters to take her son a valentine. Hmmm. :) adulthood... everything we always imagined.