Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cafe Chat: January 3rd

Over at Internet Cafe Devotions, a sister site to Christian Women Online, a question in posed each Saturday. Today the question was this:

What is the most important truth/lesson you feel God taught you in 2008? How will that truth change your life in 2009?

I think that the biggest lesson that God taught me was that I need to make time for Him. Yes, I already knew that, but it was taught to me so profoundly while dealing with the rash of '08. If you missed it, go back to July and read through October, cause that is how long I dealt with it! I was very frustrated and distraught at several points in the whole journey, but since I often had to sit with an icepack on my backside, I had plenty of time to devote to The Word. I've tried to, at the very least, start my day with an online devotion since then and have done fairly well with that. I have also started doing a short devotion each evening with the boys, and have done pretty well with that.

I'm headed in a good direction for '09! I need to keep my focus on Him!

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Toknowhim said...

Thanks so much for participating this week...Sometimes we have to learn the easiest lessons the hard way... I know I sure have...

Blessings and please feel free to visit me at my personal blog too.

PS... I like your blog name :)

HisFireFly said...

Some times the hardest lessons leave the most profound marks. Glad your through with the "rash". Keep pressing in for more of Him.