Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do you have on your full armour?

I was intrigued by a post and some questions asked at Internet Cafe Devotions yesterday. It is a worthwhile read!

Here are the questions posed:

What piece of armor do you overlook?

Are you having a difficult time staying in prayer and devotion daily?

Right now, I seem to be overlooking the fittings for my feet that contain the gospel of peace. I'm not finding peace, and I know that it is probably no one's fault but my own, deep down. My problem is rooted in frustrations at church and work and the extra stress added by being back in school. But I know if I went to God in prayer and devotion more consistently, it would certainly help me. I am not feeling very spiritually fed, so I need to take it upon myself to SEEK spiritual food for myself!

And as I said in the answer above, YES I'm struggling to stay in prayer and devotion right now. If you could pray for me on this, I would be very appreciative!

We didn't make it to church today since the town was basically iced over, along with much of the region! We did try to make it to Children's Choir practice tonight, but our family and the director and his wife were the only ones to show up. The boys and I watched a podcast today from Generation Church that was very good...not too long to hold the boys' attention. I did get my interview questions done that I've got to do for my assignment this week done, and wrote my lesson plans, but I'm still hoping for this snow that they say is coming!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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