Monday, January 12, 2009


I tell ya, guys, the devil's been working on me. I must be ready to do some mighty work in God's name, cause he is fighting me every step of the way. I attempted to start a Negativity Fast last week, and the insomnia was not the only thing I was fighting! I had a dear, dear friend deal with a loss last Friday, and my dad goes for a CT today to see if the aneurysm in his aorta needs to be operated on. Chances are, it does, but we are still praying for a miracle. He goes on Thursday to see what it said.

I start back to class tomorrow, and apparently this professor piles it on quite a bit more than the one I had last semester, so I'm a little worried about that.

Just pray, ya'll. He knows what I need more than I even do, so if you pray, I know He'll answer!!

Have a great week!

(I'm restarting the Negativity Fast via email, and if you'd like to join me, please leave it in your comment! I'd love for us to be able to support each other!)


Judy said...

I'll do the fast with you - I definitely need to change my attitude about the preschool teaching! Those kids deserve a happier teacher...

Lisa B. said...

I'll pray for you, you know that! Love ya girl!