Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday--You Oughta Know

It was a crazy time in my life.....I was living alone and working, and had no prospects on the horizon as far as men went. I was still hurting over a relationship that had ended years before, though I had had a very 'rebound' type relationship since then.

We, meaning my sister, brother in law, and I, took our youth group on a trip that summer. The place we ended up staying was a piece of work, I tell ya! No pool, so the kids weren't ever thrilled with being there. Some demanding youth who were drama queens. More kids than we could fit on the church van, so I had to drive my beloved Grand Am everywhere we went.

It's funny, though those senior high youth that rode with me were then 9/10 years younger than me, they are now very much my equal and friends. I work with one, one just finished pharmacy school, and one is serving our country in Iraq.

We played Alanis Morrisette's CD nonstop! I don't remember if we ever listened to anything else on the entire trip! On this song, I would try valiantly to skip over the bad word part, but every time I tried, I ended up turning it UP for that f-word!! The kids just laughed at me. It wasn't like they didn't have their own CD at home where they heard the same word.

And this was a song that I really felt summed up my feelings for the ex-boyfriend who broke my heart at the time. Looking back, I know he wasn't the best thing for me and that God had better plans in store for me. But at the time.....

So this is for you, Kellie, Diane, and Evan! I'll always remember the fun we had on that trip!

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Judy said...

Whatever happened to Alanis? I loved this song!

HAHA - my word verification for this post is "graph"! I've never had a REAL word before!

Pamela Kramer said...

How cool! Didn't even know this was out there. I'm a huge fan of hers. She came out with this album and spoke to so many women. It was like we were all fed up at the same time! lol