Thursday, January 15, 2009

OK, so I was wrong.

Dad is NOT finding stuff out today. Apparently they haven't finished reading the CT scan. I'm not sure when he'll find out, but I'll keep you posted. He DID have an appointment with his bladder doctor (he had bladder cancer over 10 years ago) and got a clean bill of health from him, so that is good news!

I started my new classes on Tuesday. Oh. my. I'm so glad that the girls who have been through the program told me that things would be very different than from last semester or I would have seriously be having a panic attack! I was pretty nerved out as it was! LOL And add to this that it was snowing and I was hearing scrapers go around the road below our classroom....and she kept us 10 min. over.....yeah, I was nerved out! Of course, roads were fine once I got on the interstate.

I worked on just the READING portion of our assignment for about 4 hours and took about 20 pages of notes last night. No, I'm not kidding. So yeah, gonna be WAAAAY different than last semester!

In good news, we're on a 90 minute delay tomorrow because of the expected cold temps! So woo hoo on that one!

Nothing else too exciting is going til tomorrow.....

1 comment:

Judy said...

EEKS! on school!

PRAYERS for your dad.

HOORAY! on delayed school!

(by the way, we NEVER get that)