Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flashback Friday--Black or White

January often brings this song back to memory! I heard it the other day and thought,"THAT is a song I need to do a flashback on!" It started one night when we were freshmen in college. It was the first of the semester, so we didn't have lots of homework and studying to do yet. My friend Robin (notice she often is my partner in crime in these stories?!), me and her then roommate Allison were hanging out in one of the lounges in what was then the student center. Hey, there was a big screen COLOR tv! Allison and Robin had a black and white tv, and my roommate and I didn't have a tv at all, so color? Big screen? You get the idea!

This video came on, and it was absolutely amazing! To see the people morphing into each other was like nothing we had ever seen--if I remember correctly, it was groundbreaking at the time. Allison had the tendency to buy TONS of music, so she had the song before long, and we would drive around campus just so we could hear the same song! I always think of that when I hear this song!

I couldn't embed the video, but you can click here to go to You Tube and see the full version with bass amplify! (hear the crowd go "ahhhhh" and "ooooooh" over BASS AMPLIFY!

What about you? Surely there is a song or tv show or SOMETHING that you love remembering and takes you straight back to that time in your life! Here's your chance to share it with the world! Don't forget to come back and sign Mr. Linky so we can check it out!


Judy said...

I love classic MJ...this is a GREAT song and video!

Judy said...

Whoa - I just finished watching the entire video - never even knew about the second half. It was pretty cool, too, except for the fondling the MJ does - that was a little more than I needed to see.

Pamela Kramer said...

Ah The King of Pop! Such a talented man. It stinks that his weirdness over shadows his talents. Great video though. Has he made a bad song? lol

Robin said...

I always think of when we visited that PE class and those kids ran to this song. Check out my blog to see what song I put up today. I always think of Emory and Carriger for some reason when I hear the song I posted! =)