Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy 7th birthday, Isaac!

Today is your birthday, my very sweet boy! I remember vividly where I was 7 years ago....laying in a hospital bed after being induced into labor and given a epidural, waiting for you to work toward being born. It was a long day! But well worth it in the end, since I got to bring home such a beautiful baby boy! You had your own idea about things from day one, including when and where and how long you would sleep! I've never seen a three day old baby fight sleep like you did! I remember tiptoeing to lay you down in your crib and jostling you too much, only to march back to the rocking chair to start the whole process over. But still, you were a joy then and continue to be a joy today.

When you were small, I never would have thought that you would be so calm and determined to learn at school! You were pretty high strung and didn't want anything to do with coloring and learning letters. But as soon as you started school, your first child tendencies came out. You are a hard worker and are very smart!

You have accomplished so many things in your short life, and there have been so many opportunities for me to beam with pride. You have already sung solos, played soccer and basketball, been a Cub Scout, participated in the school spelling bee, and danced in the talent show! That is a lot more than I had done at your age! You are a sensitive soul and are always nice to others and stand up for those who others are mistreating. You are a loving brother and cousin and enjoy the company of others.

Happy birthday sweetheart, and I hope I don't have to banish you to your room today for mistreating your little brother!

I love you Isaac Christopher! You are a light in my life!!

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