Monday, March 24, 2008

Road trip!

Anyone wanna join us??! We're headed to Halifax, Virginia to visit Chris' parents. They have dialup but it seems to hate me, so I will get on only if I can. I'm going to be going through computer withdrawals, so think of me, and also think of me being in the house with my inlaws for several days. Just sayin'. Not that I don't love them dearly, but my boys take on different personalities in their presence. Can you relate?!

I will miss my couch, my tv, my MacBook, and my freedom to do what I want to, including sitting around in one of Chris' tshirts and my undies if I wish. I will be back to you, dear loyal reader(s), and these amenities of home on Thursday!

Oh and Robin if you read this, what is going on Friday?? Wanna meet up?


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Heidi Thompson said...

Hi there. I am a total random stranger. I was looking at my blog referers (if that is a word) & saw that someone had googled Blah, Blah, Blog & found my blog, which shares the same name as yours. I thought I would google the same, and found that there are several blogs with what I thought was such a clever and unique name. I found your blog and after reading a little bit of it, I am shocked at just how much we have in common! I too am a wife, mom, teacher, and Christian. I however, am not Jan Brady's cousin. That would be really cool though! I've got nothing that trumps that. Sorry for the long comment, but I just thought I should say hello & let you know that I really enjoyed looking around your blog. :0)